Arabic/English Bilingual Matching Cards

Arabic/English Bilingual Matching Cards

Worldwide Buddies
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  • 21 sets of Arabic/English flashcards. Small and portable. Simple, fun and colorful illustrations. These can can be used for color matching or word matching. 

About the Brand:

Worldwide Buddies creates picture books and toys that celebrate diversity. We are on a mission to help raise open-minded, culturally aware littles. Our products are specially made to take children on adventures near and far and encourage them to explore the world through play and imagination.

  • 3.5x3.5x1.06 inches

  • 2+

  • Set this up as a matching game. The child can match by color or by word. You can place all 21 pairs out at a time but we recommend starting with 5-10 pairs based on the child's level. To match by color: place 5-10 different cards on the left side of your rug or table in a vertical line, keep other 10 matching cards stacked on top of each other with the front facing up. As the child works through the stack they place the card next to it's matching color that is on the vertical line. 

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