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Black Owned

Teacher Curated

Our Why

Montessori In Color was born out of two parents wanting to give our two little boys the best chance in their human experience. As their guides, we know that we have to play a strong role in the way they are educated mentally and emotionally. We know that one of the best ways to do that is to implement Montessori in our lives. We wanted to bring more awareness to the method and increase access to materials to diverse families, who otherwise may not have been exposed. We want to share all that we have learned and all that we are learning with our community and other diverse families. Let's create a better world by raising capable and independent children. We are retailers for Montessori inspired materials created by other brands and we also sell items designed by us. 


Maria Montessori developed her methods to be implemented in a classroom. We offer materials for the home that are inspired by her methods and what she wanted to accomplish with children.