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Montessori At Home: 12 IKEA Items To Create The Prepared Environment

When it comes to Montessori at home, creating an environment that encourages independence is essential. This is called the prepared environment and is a pillar in Montessori philosophy. Children should be able to move freely and the space should be organized and clutter free. Creating this environment does not have to be complicated or expensive. Here is a list of 12 items that can be purchased from IKEA to aid in creating the space. 


1. FLISAT Book display - A bookshelf is a great way to store your children's book. Books should be facing outward so that children are able to see the titles and easily choose the one they'd like to read. Shop HERE for the floor display and HERE for the wall display. THIS is another great option as well. 



2. FLISAT Knob racks- If you want to create a space near your entryway where children can easily grab their shoes/coats to head out, this knob rack is helpful in displaying items such as hat and coats. Install them low enough so that the child can reach it. Shop HERE or HERE for a different option.



3- JATTETROTT Mattress- Placing your baby on a mattress on the floor instead of a crib helps encourage independence. Babies are more aware than many of us think and one reason that so many dislike their cribs/bassinet is because they feel restricted. Placing the mattress on the floor helps them feel safe. Alternatively, you can play the mattress on a montessori bed such as the one seen here. Shop this item HERE.



4. LATT table and chairs- This table and chair is great for activities! They are the perfect size and looks great in any room. If you don't need both chairs, one can be used with your knob rack at the entry way, so children can sit down and put on their shoes. Shop this item HERE.


5.  DUKTIG Play Kitchen- This play kitchen encourages open ended play and can keep your child busy for hours. Shop this item HERE



6. TROGEN Step stool- Place this step stool in your bathroom so that children can independently brush their teeth, wash hands/face. It can also be used in the kitchen so that they can help you cook or prepare their own food. Shop this item HERE.


7. FLISAT Children's table- This table can be used for sensory play and can easily be moved around the house or to outside. The bins can also be purchased and used without purchasing the whole unit. Shop this item HERE.


8. KALLAX Shelf unit- A must have in your prepared environment. Open shelves are an organized way to display children's play materials. They can independently select which item they would like to work with. Toys can be rotated as determined by you. Shop this item HERE or if you are short on space, this smaller option HERE works as well. For babies, this item HERE works well.


9. SYVDE Open wardrobe- With an open wardrobe, children can select their outfits. With this design, it's low enough for them to reach and open so that they can see their clothes. Shop this item HERE.

ikea montessori closet


10. LINDYN Mirror- Place this mirror low enough so that your child can see their full body when getting dressed. Shop this item HERE.



11. KALAS tableware- Place these in low shelves or the cupboard in your kitchen to that children can grab and prepare their snacks/meals or grab water. Shop these items HERE.


12. VARDAGEN Beverage dispenser- This beverage dispenser can be placed in a space where the child can help themselves to water. Shop this item HERE.