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Messy feet, muddy hands...the signs they have been in the garden again. In they haul a range of “magic” (we will let the vacuum deal with that later) and show you the gum nuts, leaves, twigs, rocks, another rock...wow more rocks..which they will hide away into their treasure troves. The questions begin “what’s this?” “what do you call that?” Let us save you the guessing…..our Wooden Anatomy Tiles and Coloring In Card Packs will show them exactly what the funny furry thing is on the gum nut and how a caterpillar really becomes a butterfly. And as they learn what each part of their magic find is, they can dream up new ways to color them in.


Comes with: 1 x Honey Bee wooden tile and 1 coloring card

• Designed & made in Australia 

• Tile Size: 5.8 x 4.1 in

• Tile Material: 3mm Radiata pine, sanded & sealed