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Baby Topponcino- Jade Green & Orange

Baby Topponcino- Jade Green & Orange

May Montessori
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The Topponcino used for the first few months of life, is a soft mattress designed by Maria Montessori, which allows the baby to transition from the womb to the world. It's oval is designed to provide body support and creates a enclosed feeling like that of the womb. His head is well supported and he will be reassured by maintaining the scent and warmth of his body in the mattress. As the baby get older, it can be used for tummy time and safe for learning how to roll. 

It is recommended that mother sleep with the Topponcino before the baby's birth so that it may hold in her scent.

-330g organic cotton is + dense and breathable

How to wash:

Machine wash at 30°C and gentle spinning

- Soft ironing

- Drying and hand washing are not recommended 

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